About Us

In past few years, the pace of day-to-day life has been accelerating. People are busier than ever and time is of an essence. As a result, the dynamics of Indian market place have transformed drastically. Even groceries and vegetables are now available online. Although convenient, through this method we lose the personal touch with our own local vendors and retailers.

We at Excel City India have come up with an innovative and practical solution to this problem. A perfect balance can now be achieved between your hectic daily schedules and long term relations with local businesses. Confused? Don't be. It's all very straightforward and easy. Now you can purchase goods and obtain services from both big and small businesses operating in your own city from the comfort of your home or office.

With our multifaceted and efficiently designed Excel City App., we aim to bridge the gap between local service providers and end users. The Excel City App. boasts an all-inclusive database containing credible and accurate information of most big and small local businesses and service providers, which can be accessed just in few easy clicks. Here you can find contact details and information related to every imaginable business establishments.

Be it the tradesmen like carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers, or electricians, or be it specialty doctors, beauticians, packers & movers, and security and emergency service providers, Excel City App. has it all. Here one can find hotels, restaurants, wedding halls, theaters, shopping centers, travel companies, internet providers, the list goes on. Based on your GPS location or a city's name and pin code you can find any service available in your vicinity.

Designed after an extensive research of local marketplace, the all-rounder Excel City App. goes beyond mere online shopping. Here you can find information related to local weather, traffic, puncture shops, petrol pumps, tourist destinations, blood donors, blood banks, ambulance, fire brigade, schools, colleges, coaching classes, and much more; all for free! Moreover, special features like emergency calling for women, English and Marathi dictionary, etc. set Excel City App. apart from other apps available in the market.

With our visionary and futuristic planning, we have also come up with a new and ingenious feature. The database of our Excel City App. contains the information and contact details of voluntary blood donors from your own neighborhood. This data has been collected by organizing registration camps for blood donors, and similar camps will continue to be organized periodically at various locations.

Thus, in times of emergency medical situations, you can access our database and find a blood donor of suitable blood group within minutes. The blood donors can be searched using the PIN code or city name, or even through your GPS location. Moreover, Excel City App. will also assist you while determining your children's career and trying to select suitable educational institutes and coaching classes for them.

Rather than overloading your phone with different apps for different purposes, you can just download Excel City App. developed by Excel City India. Save your space and time, add ease to your daily living, and help maintain and uphold your local businesses. At the same time, enjoy attractive offers and win reward points and prizes. A true friend in need, Excel City App. will be at your service 24x7, anywhere, everywhere.